Been gone for a while...

...that's because I am too busy being a co founder at Bekker. I'll keep this blog open for now though as it ranks quite highly when you type in my name. Tweet me or catch up on Bekker here...

Back in the game...

Here's a logo put together for Graham Sahara, a resident DJ at Pacha in Ibiza.

Modern British art brochure

Put together to coincide with the book release of 'Peter Blake, one man show' and the launch of a Peter Blake prints exhibition, leading publishers, Lund Humphries asked us to produce a brochure listing their catalogue of books on Modern British art.

Beg Steal Borrow

In the midst of helping us out in the studio, Amy has also been busy with her mates raising money for their end of year degree show. An array of designers have contributed their work to Beg Steal Borrow and you can bid for them online now!

SSPt 2...

Artwork for Sambuki Sessions Mix Part 2, a design and music mix collaboration with Darren Firth.

Accept & Proceed

A&P by... an ongoing side project of 'Accept & Proceed'. Creative's of all disciplines have been asked to create an A&P logo for the company. We did an interpretation in Morse code.

Seamlesss Sessions

Seamless Recordings have launched their sub brand, Seamless Sessions. The tag will be used to promote live events, podcasts and radio. Above is an example of how the look is shaping up.

Christmas Poster

Raw design studio put us in a festive mood by inviting designers to submit a swatch exploring 'Colours that shape our Christmas'. Our little contribution made it on their limited run of 500 posters. It's somewhere amongst this lot apparently.


Our version of the Bunch logo has been featured in their book. The hardback book is available from their online shop and Magma from the 1st November.


Our submission for Glug. The brief was to respond to the statement, 'All I want for Christmas is...'

Seamless Singles

Seamless Recordings needed a house style for their future releases. Many of the singles will be released as digital downloads so the idea was to use their existing logo to produce something simple and striking. Here are a few taken from the album of Swedish GRAMMY nominated act, Physics.